Farmington Animal Hospital performs a wide variety of services for cats and dogs, from new puppy and kitten visits to geriatric care and pain management, with a great deal in between. To learn more about the services we provide, please call us at 860-677-4400.

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Wellness Exams
Wellness exams are an important tool to keep up to date on the health of your animal. During an exam the doctor performs a full physical, from nose to tail, to try to find signs of disease before problems develop. If something is found, the doctor will speak to you and provide you information and a detailed action plan. The annual exam is the time for preventative care such as vaccination.

Emergency Care
While Farmington Animal Hospital is not an emergency facility, Dr. Dan has more than six years of emergency experience.  We welcome all patients, both existing and new clients. If an emergency falls outside the scope of what the hospital can handle, the staff will stabilize your animal then direct you to your closest ER facility.

Dental Care
Farmington Animal Hospital adheres to the highest standards of dental care. Your animal will receive full intraoral radiographs as well as a 6 point manual inspection of each tooth.  In cats and dogs, most dental ailments are below the gumline.  Radiographs are used so that everything that needs to be treated can be addressed properly.  Dentals performed without the aid of x-rays are prone to miss up to 30% of the disease present!  Dental procedures are essentially surgery in the mouth, so all dentals receive a full physical, pre-anesthetic blood work, and anesthetic monitoring.


Dr. Dan performs a wide variety of surgical procedures. Dr. Dan has a passion for surgery and can perform a basic spay/neuter to a more complex cruciate repair or to a soft tissue cherry eye procedure. All surgical patients receive pre-anesthetic blood work, an IV catheter and a full physical exam to allow us to tailor anesthesia for the best health of the individual. Further, patients are monitored while under anesthesia by one of our highly trained pet nurses to make sure we achieve the highest level of safety possible. To speak with Dr. Dan about your animal’s surgical needs, please call 860-677-4400.

Our ultrasound allows for a noninvasive view of soft tissue structures in chest and abdomen.  This pain free diagnostic tool gives us a live, real-time view of what is going on inside your pets organs.  Brief scans can often be performed during a scheduled appointment slot, but full interpretive abdominal scan by a boarded radiologist is available by appointment.


Radiographs are used in veterinary medicine for the accurate diagnosis and sometimes monitoring of many disease conditions.  Our digital x-ray system allows us to take high detail films of your pets bones, some soft tissue structures including heart, lung and mouth allowing us to find otherwise hidden disease, like enlarged hearts, broken bones or stuck toys!

Our modern digital x-ray suite allows our veterinarian to instantly read your pets films reducing stressful table time, and allows the near instant sharing of films to other professionals when needed.  This reduces wait times and your pets anxiety.

In House Lab
With our in house lab system we are able to run general health checks including organ screens, complete blood counts(CBC), urinalysis and fecal analysis.  This allows us to make better health care decisions, getting your pet better sooner. We also have the capability to examine aspirates of masses as a noninvasive tool to analyze your pet’s lumps and bumps.  We are also able to stain and diagnose prepared slides from ear and skin infections aiding accurate, timely diagnosis of what is troubling your pet.