Physical Exam

Whether your pet’s visit is for a problem or not, the physical exam is the initial concern. Your pet has many systems that the veterinarian will examine. We will also ask you specific and detailed questions about your observations regarding your pet’s health.


Appointment with Dr. Ducor and Tony

While it may not appear technical to the lay person, to the experienced doctor, there are many things that are brought to light during this exam. Prior to ordering tests, prescribing medications or performing treatments, the doctor must determine the physical condition of your pet. A significant contribution to the exam is the medical history, that is, the information you supply us about not only your pet’s health but also concerning behavior, appetite, exercise, housing, etc. Once the physical exam has been completed the doctor will advise you on further tests or treatments if necessary. A clean bill of health is the desired outcome, of course!

In order to keep your pet in good health we believe in the following care: