More Preventive Care

Important health care concerns for each of your pet’s life stages from pediatric, to adult, to geriatric will be discussed with you. This care includes dental cleanings, parasite control, diet, grooming, and behavioral training to mention just a few. Regular appointments with your veterinarian will keep you updated on your pet’s health condition and keep you informed of the latest products and procedures available for your pet’s health maintenance.

pet-age3The first year of a pet’s life is full of medical care, including vaccinations, testing for disease, microchipping, and neutering. During the middle ages if pets have healthy diets and good exercise, with routine veterinary visits and good preventive care, they often have few serious ailments. However, as pets age and their systems wear, they can develop a number of medical problems. Consistent exams, blood and urine checks can help alert us to early detection of a serious medical problem and allow intervention to considerably extend a pet’s life. If these tests do not show a problem on the way then that good report is actually what we hope for! Please, don’t neglect healthcare as your companion’s years add up.