Hospitalized Patient

Surgery, Dentistry, and medical work-up with sedations

Elective surgery, dentistry and medical work-ups are scheduled during regularly predefined hours. All other surgical procedures are scheduled by the attending veterinarian.


Dr. Ducor and Amanda surgery


In most cases your pet will be admitted to the hospital the day of the procedure. It is important to remember not to feed your pet any time after midnight the night before a procedure requiring anesthesia OR blood analysis unless otherwise directed. After the procedure has been completed we will call you with a report on your pet’s status and give you a tentative discharge day and time.

At the time your pet is discharged please listen carefully to our post-operative instructions. The success of many cases depends on proper after-care. After you have returned home please call us if you have any suspicion that your pet is not recovering as planned or if events occur that were not discussed with your doctor.

Special attention must be given to pets with splints, casts, sutures, and bandages. Be sure they are kept clean, dry, and intact. On occasion we may outfit your pet with an elizabethan collar. This is to prevent your pet from disturbing a treated area. While these collars may appear a bit cumbersome, they will keep your pet from aggravating a wound site and help to prevent an additional unplanned visit with us.