What is the “Lose to Win!” program?

“Lose to Win!” is a three-month weight reducing program for your pet involving a change in diet, bi-weekly weigh-ins, and periodic consultations with our staff. We will guide you in making a lifestyle change for your pet so you can successfully help your pet avoid serious, expensive medical conditions associated with being too heavy. As in the human population, we are seeing an alarming increase in pets’ weight. Our hospital sees the need to address this problem before it is too late.

Why is Lose to Win important to me?

Lose to win is important because overweight pets live shorter lives and have an increased risk for diabetes, osteoarthritis, and cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Also, you must understand that you have complete control on what your pet eats (unless you have an outdoor cat) and therefore can give your pet a better life by simply controlling diet.

What is the change in diet?

We are introducing a new diet from Hill’s called the Metabolic diet. Unlike other weight-reduction diets, the Metabolic diet activates your pet’s metabolism to regulate appetite and burn fat. The diet comes in kibble, cans and treats and must be fed exclusively.

What if my pet doesn’t like the Metabolic diet?

It is necessary to take at least a week to wean your pet from one diet to another, reducing each day the amount of old diet and mixing increasing the amount of the new diet. If, after this period, your pet refuses to eat the diet, Hill’s will refund the cost of the food 100%.

What can I expect during my pet’s consultations?

Together we will complete a survey that will help us understand your pet’s lifestyle, habits and diet. Your pet will be weighed and measured to determine an ideal weight and risk-level. We will then build an individualized plan specifically for your pet. There will be several visits scheduled during the three month period to help you succeed. At your first visit you may “Trade Your Treats” by bringing in your pet’s current treats and trading them for a complimentary bag of Metabolic treats!

Once you have completed the program you should be able to maintain your pet’s correct weight.

How Much Does It Cost?

The entire three month program is only $115.00. Only the food is purchased separately. Your investment today could save you from a debilitating medical problem tomorrow.