What you can do for you special pet.

Each year your pet will be reminded for an annual (adult age pet) or biannual (senior age pet) physical exam.

This is SO IMPORTANT for early detection of medical problems. Don’t wait ‘til it’s too late! We often hear from clients that their pet is “doing fine.” This may be the appearance from the outside. Laboratory tests and physical exams can help us find problems early.

Initially a kitten or puppy, a pet then enters adulthood followed by senior and finally geriatric phases. During their lifespan pets go through many often unapparent changes internally as well as externally. Of course, a thorough physical exam has been part of a pet check up for years but veterinary medicine provides us with many new tools and tests that we continually integrate into our examination to help us:

  1. Diagnose current clinical (visible signs) or sub-clinical (no visible signs) medical conditions
  2. Prevent potential problems with the sole purposes of keeping your pet healthy and happy for a long time. We have lots we can share with you so give us a few moments and we will help educate you about what is the best for your pet. For example, a complete physical exam, blood, urine, thyroid tests, and sometimes x-rays can reveal much about your pet’s medical condition. If results of our exams and testing are “normal” of course these are desirable findings

Continuing care through following vaccination protocols and using preventatives for heartworm and fleas and ticks along with proper diet and exercise will give your pet the best chance at a long and healthy life.

Veterinary medicine continues to evolve bringing us new treatments and products, revising the old. We look for changes in your pet’s physical condition with the goal of early detection to make recommendations to prevent common problems. Our emphasis is on providing the appropriate treatments and testing for your pet’s age and breed genetics.