Need a place to leave your pet for the day, overnight, a week or longer? Boarding your pet at our veterinary hospital ensures you of high quality, individualized, doctor-supervised pet care.

Cats are housed in a quiet facility, completely separate from dogs. Every cat is given fleece blankets and fresh food and water. Additionally, each cage receives a cat tower, giving cats a safe place to go for an added sense of security. 

In our dog facility, dogs are given Komfy K-9 beds. These therapeutic air foam beds heighten a dogs comfort while they stay with us. For dogs that are heavy chewers, we offer Kuranda beds, which provide extra comfort and joint support. Additionally, our dog ward was recently renovated and now has Fear Free soothing colors and sky lights. Feel free to schedule a tour to see these updates.

As part of our Fear Free initiative, there is a Feliway diffuser for cats and an Adaptil diffuser for dogs. These devices release pheromones that help your pet feel more at ease while away from home.

We will care for your pet(s) according to your instructions and your pet’s specific health care requirements. If your pet has any problems that you would like the veterinarian to examine, we would be happy to oblige and provide you a detailed care plan for what was found.

We also offer one-on-one play sessions with your pet(s).

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