Monday-Friday 8am-7pm
Tuesday Felines 2-6*
Saturday 8am-1pm
Sunday 5pm-6pm

*Taking your cat to the vet can be stressful so we created a special calm time only for them. Bring your cat in for a wellness exam, vaccines, or any other treatment. If you cannot make this time period we are offering FREE day care admission on Tuesday mornings from 8am. Your cat will receive treatment & be ready for pick up by 7pm.

Doctor’s hours are scheduled on an appointment basis. This assures ample time for proper surgical and medical care for all patients and conserves valuable time for you. Should you have difficulty finding a workable appointment time we also offer “drop off” service so you may leave your pet with us for treatment and pick up your pet later in the day at your convenience.

We make every effort to confirm your appointment in advance of your appointment time. Should it become necessary for you to rearrange or cancel your appointment please give us a call at least 48 hours in advance in order to provide adequate time for others to reschedule this reserved time.

Getting the Most Out of Your Veterinary Appointment

In the 30 years that he has been in practice, Dr. Ducor has shared his compassion for pets balancing the role of doctor/advocate for the pet and of providing professional services/problem solving for the pet owner. Good two way communication is key in having an effective appointment and since the pet cannot contribute much here, this is where you come in.

Consider the following prior to your visit:

1) BE A GOOD LISTENER. Yes, that is definitely our job too. However, upset can be caused by a sick or hurt pet which may interfere with listening and understanding the doctor’s questions and discussion. Each pet is handled by our staff to alleviate stress to try to focus on relevant discussion about your pet’s care. We understand that these situations can be very new and confusing.

2) MINIMIZE DISTRACTIONS during appointments (eg. cell phones).

3) ACCURATE AND DESCRIPTIVE ANSWERS TO OUR QUESTIONS help us understand more clearly the problem at hand. eg. family members who give conflicting information may confuse understanding of the problem. Try to write the specifics down before your appointment after discussion with involved family members or other care-givers.

4) USE RELIABLE SOURCES for gathering information prior to your visit. If you have searched the web about some type of medical condition, be sure you have referenced a reliable source. Check the links we have provided on our site for relevant and accurate pet information.

These steps can help you benefit from a productive visit with the veterinarian who has years of education in this field and vast amounts of experience.


HOSPITAL FACILITIES: You are always welcome to take a tour of our hospital facilities. Many people are surprised at the extent of equipment and facilities of our full service hospital. If you would like to meet our doctor, please arrange a time with us. It is possible to catch him between treatments but some days are a bit more demanding of his time.

PATIENT VISITATION: When your pet is hospitalized we will arrange visitation if the veterinarian feels there will be no unfavorable effects to your pet. In some instances visits can cause excitement and disappointment and may not be advisable.