First Day of Spring!

Spring has finally arrived, meaning warmer weather and more time for you and your pet to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Of course you’re not the only ones who will be enjoying this warm up; Fleas, ticks and mosquitos are also starting to come out of hibernation and boy are they hungry! Keep you and your pet safe from vector borne diseases by staying on monthly flea/tick preventative as well as heartworm prevention. All it takes is one of these parasites to transmit disease to your loving pet.
We recently had a patient of ours contract heartworm disease during the winter months this year so be cautious and always have your pet on preventative year round. It is more costly to treat a disease than it is to prevent, so why not always have your pet on some type of preventative? Trust us, your pet, and your wallet, will thank you in the long run.