Food is Medicine!

By January 10, 2017 Uncategorized

Recently Dr. Ducor’s cat Gomez was diagnosed with kidney disease/failure. Dr. Ducor noticed an increase in urination as well as an increase in water intake. He was also not gaining much weight even though he was eating. His urine was very dilute as well as having traces of blood. We ran blood work on Gomez as well as performing an ultrasound and found out that he had renal disease. Renal disease/failure usually results in the kidneys being unable to filter out waste products which then can stay in the body and get into the blood stream causing many complications.

By changing Gomez’ food to a kidney friendly diet called k/d, Dr. Ducor was able to reverse the effects of renal disease. About a year later, Gomez is still on this diet and his blood work looks better than ever! He has stopped urinating frequently and he has gained at least two pounds! This goes to show that by doing routine blood work, we can catch the start of disease early and treat that disease with something as simple as changing diets.

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