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Our Team at Farmington Animal Hospital

Dr. Donald B. Ducor has been practicing companion animal veterinary medicine serving the Farmington Valley and West Hartford communities for over 30 years.  He owns and operates Farmington Animal Hospital LLC which was founded in 1947 by his father, the late Dr. Duke H. Ducor.


Dr. Ducor is enjoying the new litter of Munsterlanders

As far as anyone can recollect the family run animal hospital and boarding facility have been in continuous operation for over 24,000 days straight!  Except when he is away attending continuing education meetings or on vacation, Dr. Ducor’s clients and patients see Dr. Ducor ensuring continuity of veterinary care every visit.

From an early age Dr. Ducor had an interest in all animals.  His father was certainly a strong influence and gave him the opportunity to see first hand the life of a veterinarian both from a career and personal perspective.  He saw sick animals get well, surgical operations repair problems, travel to farm calls, and attended some family oriented veterinary conferences.

Dr. Ducor learned to care for both wild and domesticated animals.  He rehabilitated “Robbie” the robin with a broken wing, hatched two chicks from eggs in a homemade incubator, raised several rabbits and of course kept many temporary pets like frogs, turtles and other critters kids like to collect.  Family pets included “Blinker” the English Setter, “Tally” an Irish Setter who had a litter of purebred puppies one of which, of course, was kept and a string of German Wirehaired Pointers.  Of course, there was always a cat or two in the house.

Knowing from junior high school that high grades would be essential for admission to veterinary school, Dr. Ducor worked hard while still finding time to be involved in team sports, boy scouts, multiple outdoor activities like fishing, camping, hiking, bicycle touring, skiing, scuba diving, boating and golfing, and tinkering in his dad’s workroom and darkroom.  He continues to enjoy many of these interests.  Dr. Ducor’s first job was delivering papers, followed by mowing lawns and shoveling driveways for neighbors, painting houses, stocking shelves, and finally sales at the now defunct Lafayette Radio at Bishops Corner.

After attending grades K through 12 in the West Hartford public school system and graduating from Conard High School with honors, Dr. Ducor attended two years at the University of New Hampshire and worked on a dairy farm there for a summer.  He then transferred to Iowa State University in 1976 to complete his preveterinary curriculum and most fortunately met his future wife, Mary, before entering the veterinary college class of ’82.  Prior to entering veterinary school he worked as a laboratory technician at the Department of Agriculture National Animal Disease Lab under the supervision of the virology section director.

Veterinary school proved to be a much greater challenge than he ever faced before but he persevered with enthusiasm managing also to maintain a rich social life.  The year he received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1982 brought many good things including the start of a promising professional career, a wedding and a return to Connecticut, the place he always considered home.


Hospital Manager – Mary

Since 1947, Farmington Animal Hospital has continually updated undergoing several major renovations, the last of which was in 2012.  In 1984 Dr. Ducor’s wife, Mary became involved with the family practice and has been an integral part of promoting the hospital. Dr. Ducor is determined to maintain unchanged, the good old-fashioned personal service with an understanding of just how important our pets are to us all.  In fact, strengthening the human-animal bond is at the core of his mission.

Farmington Animal Hospital is an accredited member of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) since 1960. Dr. Ducor is a member and past president of the Hartford County Veterinary Medical Association (HCVMA). He is also an active member of the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) and American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Non-veterinary memberships include the Canton Land Conservation Trust, the Sportsman’s National Land Trust Massachusetts chapter, and the 1892 Club. Dr. Ducor and his wife, Mary currently keep three cats,“Maestro”, “Gomez”, and “Fenway”, an umbrella cockatoo, “Q-Tip”, and their newest canine addition, a small Munsterlander, “Leica” who is in training to be the animal hospital mascot.

Main Hospital
Farmington Animal Hospital located in Farmington, Connecticut (CT) is a complete service hospital. We are equipped with surgery, digital radiology, dental, exam, pharmacy, and diagnostic laboratory facilities, animal wards, and exam rooms.

The doctor uses a surgitron in our surgery which resembles a laser but uses ultra high frequency radio waves sent to an electrode tip for precise, clean cutting. This equipment is used in both our major and minor surgeries as it aids in rapid healing. Digital radiography produces instant images which we can readily share with you. Our dental cavitron is put into regular use keeping pet’s teeth sparkling and strong.

Cases which may require advanced instruments or a veterinary specialist are referred to consultants of every kind. These services are offered either on site by mobile veterinary specialists or at a referral hospital.

Dr. Ducor with our hospital staff

Farmington Animal Hospital

Intensive Care Units
Hospitalized patients requiring continual care are treated in our ICU area where we can keep a watchful eye on their progress.

Boarding Wards
Farmington Animal Hospital also offers veterinary-supervised boarding and day-care services including play times. Canines and felines are housed in separate areas for maximum comfort. If setting an appointment time is difficult, we offer the option of leaving your pet with us and we will complete treatments by a designated time later in the day.

In 2012 the hospital was completely renovated resulting in more comfortable and spacious rooms. In addition to floors and walls being updated, digital radiography, wet tables and a salon were added.

You are welcome to visit our hospital. Most folks are surprised at the extent of our facilities when they tour our premises.

Farmington Animal Hospital, LLC is an accredited member of the American Animal Association (AAHA). This means we are in compliance with the high standards set by this association through regular, voluntary inspection of our facilities, equipment, and records. AAHA’s objective is to serve the professional interest of all veterinarians engaged in applying the principles and techniques of modern medicine to the care of companion animals.